Ah, Social Media. Such a hit or miss medium. The great thing is, if you can provide compelling content and spark a good conversation, you're halfway there. Giant 3D fighting robots will get you the rest of the way.

In this Facebook engagement campaign for Autodesk, we chose topics to create a battle between Facebook fans - stuff that rocks their core audience to the... well, core. Match-ups like Lever vs. Pulley, Gehry vs. Wright, Teleportation vs. Time Travel. You get the idea. The geeks came to battle, and with each vote their robot punched the other one in the face.

Autodesk Social 1
Autodesk Cage Match Main

Gymboree Social

How do you connect with parents on Facebook? Inspire, educate and encourage. These Facebook posts for Gymboree were not only conversation-starters, they also helped give moms and dads ideas to keep their kids learning, growing and creating.