Gamification was a hot topic a couple years ago, and I had a blast coming up with ways to use my deep knowledge of game mechanics to increase trial usage, motivate purchase and help users ease into complex software interfaces.

Adobe Photoshop

Having the opportunity to work with Adobe and Bunchball to gamify Photoshop was one of those dream projects you get once in a while. We created Adobe PowerUP as a test. Don't be surprised if you see something like this popping up in future versions of the software.

Dave Snowball did a killer job on these achievement icons.


Autodesk AutoCAD

The data shows that if a customer opens and uses trial software 3 times, their propensity to buy goes up exponentially. I worked with Autodesk to add a game layer onto their trial software, but we took it one step further and created a storyline, a game world, and lots of motivation to keep opening up the software and learning more about the new features. Zack Dzanko did an amazing job with the key visual, don't you think?

Apocalypse Switch1

Autodesk 3ds MAX

Adding a game layer onto serious 3D software is no small task. For 3ds Max, we created an experience where trial users traveled the globe collecting hints and pieces of a top-secret device. Achievements and points were awarded at every step, and players were entered into a contest upon completing the game.